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Where to find stuff: gas, food, beverages, groceries and fun

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719 Walnut Street, Yankton (10 miles) Ben’s new brewing headquarters in 28,500 Sq. ft. building. Also home to 248-person capacity taproom. 28 beers on tap and a bunch of pinball games. 

(605) 689-0505 

Ben’s Brewing Co. Website

222 W. 3rd Street, Yankton (10 miles) Great brewpub in downtown Yankton. Many really great beers available, some brewed in-house. Popular venue with excellent sports coverage and craft cocktails. Private event space available.

(605) 260-4844

Ben’s Brewing Co. Website

Vermillion (15 miles). Bustling downtown casual restaurant. Also home to Cakes By Monica, a great local option for celebration cakes, cupcakes and desserts. 

(605) 624-2945 

Cafe Brule Website

Vermillion (15 miles): An iconic Vermillion bar with great staff and regulars. Home to generations of USD Coyote fans. Great bar in the heart of downtown Vermillion with outdoor seating available. ATM. Free live music every Friday 5:00-7:00

Vermillion (15 miles) Food jewel of downtown Vermillion! Upscale cocktails, beer and wine with tapas menu in the old RED Steakhouse location (a historic bank building). Beautiful facility, some of the area’s best hand-crafted food and great service. 

Host-recommended for craft cocktails, superior quality menu items, tapas and upscale atmosphere.

(605) 741-0044 

Cee Cee’s Website

Yankton. This is a well-known local catering company that has been serving the Yankton area for several years.

(605) 760-9084  

Counterfeit Catering Website

5 West Cherry Street, Vermillion (15 miles) Full service independent pharmacy. Host-recommended for independent small business.

  (605) 624-4444 

Davis Pharmacy Website

Convenience Store, ATM and gas: (4 miles) Highway 50 in Gayville. Carryout pizza and chicken, hot case burgers and sandwiches; ice, pop and beer.

(605) 451-0102           

 This is the closest gas station and convenience shopping.

Vermillion (15 miles) Bakery, Floral, Pharmacy, Deli, Grocery

(605) 624-5574


Yankton (14 miles) Bakery, Floral, Pharmacy, Deli, Grocery, Liquor

(605) 665-3412

Gas station, truck stop & and C-store.  2400 Hwy 50, Yankton (8 miles away) Convenience store and gas station. Hot case burgers and snacks; liquor, beer and wine. Bagged ice. ATM. 

(605) 665-1450

812 Cottage Ave., Vermillion (19 miles) Located inside Ace Hardware, they offer homemade bread, fresh toppings & sliced to-order meats and cheese in an order-at-the-counter, deli-style setting. They also offer breakfasts, great salads and catering. They were famously credited by Oprah as having the best bread in the world! Small deli-style dining area.

Host recommended for best casual breakfast and deli in the area.

(605) 624-2624

 1500 Broadway, Yankton (13 miles) Gas, convenience and liquor store. Open 24/7.

(605) 665-3881

101 Capital St., Yankton (10 miles) A historic and iconic fixture in Yankton. Across the street from beautiful Riverside Park, guests mingle or seat themselves on the loading dock for cold beers.

Expect a very casual visit, with lots of motorcycles and hot rods on weekends. It’s one of only a handful of establishments in the US that still allow patrons to sit in their car while enjoying a cold beer. Their co-owner was featured on David Letterman “Stupid Human Tricks” for his amazing can-crushing moves

The Ice House is a must-do with many entertaining quirks (like allowing patrons to smash their bottles under the dock) if you are down with a roadhouse-style experience. Host-recommended for unique local attractions. 

(605) 665-2631 

Ice House Yelp Page

909 Broadway, Yankton (12 miles) Great selection of craft beers and carryout liquor.

(605) 665-7103

Meckling (7 miles away): Classic roadside broasted chicken and lounge. Amazing broasted chicken dinners and wings. Full bar with many upscale bottles. On/off sale service. Soft serve ice cream. Bagged ice. Catering available. Family-friendly.  

This is the closest restaurant/liquor you will find in proximity to your vacation home.

(605) 624-9905    

Toby’s Website

2007 Broadway, Yankton. (13 miles) The best sushi in 70 miles. Consistent and friendly service.

(605) 260-3388   

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Yelp Page

826 Cottage Ave., Vermillion (19 miles) Municipal store with great selection of beer, wine and liquor. Open 10am – 11 pm except Sundays open to 6 pm.

(605) 677-7062

This is Vermillion’s only off-sale liquor store.

2020 Broadway, Yankton (12.8 miles) Drugstore chain with health and beauty aids, prescriptions and photo services. 

(605) 665-1124  

Walgreens Pharmacy Website

Vermillion (19 miles)

(605) 624-0215


Yankton (14 miles) 

(605) 665-1425

Burbank, SD (24 miles): A long-time fixture just a few miles outside Vermillion.

Full menu with hand-cut steaks, hand-pattied burgers, amazing pork ribs, prime rib and weekend breakfasts. Try their homemade mac salad and potato salad. Think “mid-70’s rural steakhouse.”

Full on/off-sale bar with many upscale brands. Whimp’s has been a home to locals for over 50 years. Weekend dinners can get very busy, so we recommend going in early or planning on hanging out for your meal.


Whimp’s Website

114 Douglas Ave #2, Yankton (10 miles) Very nice little bistro near Riverside Park. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are made fresh. Host-recommended for local finer casual dining.

(605) 689-1002   

Willa B’s Website