House Rules

Nobody likes to have rules, but we have to have them, right?  Here are a few particulars that we ask guests to abide by. 

Have fun and please be respectful of our neighbors, our property and native wildlife. Fight litter!

The speed limit on River Rat Road is 15 mph. Please be respectful of our neighbors and ask your visitors to also abide by this courtesy.

  • Guests are held responsible for any damages including those from pets, other guests or visitors.
  • No extra/unregistered overnight guests. Extra fees will apply.

Please do not park on the grass. Parking is available in the driveway next to the telephone pole.

Keep the noise to a minimum after 10 pm.

  • Onsite parties or large gatherings are prohibited without prior written approval. Please ask for accommodation if needed.
  • Guests are held responsible for any damages including those from pets, other guests or visitors.

No confetti or glitter in the house. Extra cleaning fees may apply.

  • No smoking indoors. Extra cleaning fees may apply if odor or stains due to smoking are found.
  • Smoking includes vaping or using e-cigarettes.
  • No possession and/or use of illegal drugs.
  • Underage consumption of alcohol prohibited.
  • Dogs and pets are not permitted on the property, even those of visiting friends. It’s not a policy we are fond of as we are “pet people” ourselves. We have neighbors with chickens, sensitive wildlife and pets of our own and through experience have found that this is the best policy.
  • Extra cleaning fees will apply. Please let us know if this is a hardship, we have a few local solutions that may help.
  • We have 3 cats who live outside and provide mouse control. If they come over to say hello and are not welcome (and that is just fine!) just squirt them with some water and they’ll leave.
  • Please be kind as they are our staff and family and it’s sometimes hard to remind them of what they should be
    doing (…like some staff and family.)
  • Please don’t feed them or pick them up, cats are weird.
  • SE South Dakota is in a persistent drought and at times we need to prohibit burning.
  • We follow the
    direction of local officials and reserve the right to cancel outdoor fires on short notice.
  • We will visually
    disable the fire pit to eliminate confusion. (If a ban is in place, this will also apply to fires on the sandbar.)
  • Let us know if you have any questions; we will try to work with you the best we safely can.
  • No open flames or smoke indoors. i.e. candles, incense, etc. Extra fees may apply.
  • Due to insurance restrictions, fireplaces are both restricted and chimneys have been disabled. We look forward to installing a beautiful gas fireplace this fall.
  • No fireworks. Due to persistent dry conditions, unpredictable wind, sensitive wildlife and litter concerns
    we don’t allow fireworks.
  • Yankton has an awesome display on both 4 th of July as well as during Riverboat
    Days celebration in August.
  • Vermillion has fireworks on the 4 th of July,
  •  St. Helena, NE also has a 4th of July show.
  • If you use the grill, please leave it in the same clean condition that you found it. Extra cleaning fees may apply.
  • Please see the map provided below for where it’s best for you to hike and explore.
  • You are invited trek the sandbar to access the river.
  • The view from the shore is breathtaking and animal trails abound.
  • Watch for boundary markings on the map and heed those boundaries.
  • While near the river, please make sure all children are attended and life jackets are worn.
  • Riverbanks unpredictably crumble, the floor drops off quickly and there is an active current.
  • We enjoy sitting in the water on a hot day but
    • 1) Wear life jackets
    • 2) Ensure children are attended
    • 3) Be safe and get away from water if
      lightning or thunder are present.